4 Great Ways To Talk About Your Past Relationships With Your Partner

What will you do when your partner asks you about your ex?

You will spill the beans holding back no single detail, with excitement and enthusiasm. As if it were a movie you recently watched.

When you are done, you breathe a sigh of relief, look up to your partner waiting for his or her response or reaction.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as if all is well with your partner. Because your partner's curiosity has become fueled with entitlement and envy.

Or better still, your partner's inquisitiveness have lead them to some dirty discoveries which dirties their hands leaving them with stench that might linger for a very long time.

And this will definitely take your relationship to a very dangerous zone or territory. Leading you to regrets and a vow to never talk about your ex with your partner in the near future or future relationships.

But that doesn't have to be the case.

Do you wish you can talk about your ex with your partner without getting everything complicated?

Do you want them to still love you and trust you after talking about your ex with them? Do you want your relationship be strong as ever after the revelations?

It is possible and it all starts with using the right techniques. Use the ultimate techniques below anytime you want to talk about your ex with your partner.

4 Great Ways To Talk About Your Past Relationships With Your Partner

4 Great Ways To Talk About Your Past Relationships With Your Partner

Despite the fact that talking about your ex with your partner might be injurious to your relationship if done wrongly, here are a few reasons why it is important to share your past with your ex;

If you use the right techniques, recalling your past relationships mistakes will reduce the risk of repeating them again, talking about your past relationships gives your partner a clue of who you are, it can also build trust and encourage open communication in your relationship and many more.

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so what exactly are right ways to talk about past relationships?

Here are exclusive list if ways to talk about your ex with your partner without endangering your relationship...

1. Try to minimize the details — There is no point telling them every single thing about your past relationships.

Try as much as you can to keep the details to a minimum. Length of the relationship, a few events and why it ended should be enough 'cause any other thing, is irrelevant.

Tell me, what is the essence of talking about when you had sex in the back seat of the same car you’re driving now? Or when you made out on a rocky cliff you haven’t been to with your new lover? Or when you kissed one of your exes for over an hour and you have never kissed your present partner for anything more than five minutes? Things like this need not to be spoken about.

Come to think of it, it's your lover you are talking to not your priest. Why worrying about telling them every single detail? Just keep it to a minimum and save your relationship.

2. Avoid talking about bedtime activities — Things can really go bad if you if don't.

Don't ever talk about all the dirty things you've done in your past relationships with your significant other. Even if your partner asks you and you find no way of avoiding it, just go for a fewer details.

Avoid details like; your your ex lover used to call you “tongue twister”, “mind blower”, “Mr. Yummy”, or “Ms. Perky”, they aren't necessary and won't do your current relationship any good but harm.

Giving your partner an explicit graphic details of the sexual activities of your past relationships or telling them about your exciting sexual past or about the total number of sexual partners you've had in the past is never a good idea.

You might want to tell everything just to prove how frisky you were in the past but you are not supposed to expect your partner to applaud, hail and sing praises to you for being the that "bad." ***winks***

Chances are your partner might get jealous and hence, a discussion that started as a little fun can into regrets.

'Cause you might say things that are way above your partner's moral standards so, if you must talk about your past sexual partners, then go for a lower figure especially if your partner doesn't have a sexual past that is brag worthy as yours.

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3. Skip all odd intimate details — Have you ever had sex with a total stranger? Or a few one night stand? Never tell your new partner about it. It's too dangerous.

It will definitely change the way your new partner thinks about you and your new relationship.

It only takes one that have experienced a one night stand or sex with a total stranger, to understand the circumstances that lead to such an act. Else they will think you are just a sex addict who can't wait to make out with every opportunity you have.

If you don't want your new lover to have a bad or wrong perception of you, then never talk about how you went extra-ordinary with your sexual fantasies like; making out with a total stranger, when talking about intimate details.

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4. The Comparison — It is almost impossible to talk about past relationships with your present significant other, without comparison.

There comes a time when your sweet love might want to know who is better or who is the best.

Just tell me, why wouldn't you tell your new partner that they are the one. Even if they are not, look, you have to tell them they are, to assure them and make them feel better about themselves because it will definitely make them happy.

Anything other than this, will certainly put your relationship in a great danger of which a simple white lie can change.

Think about this, your past is a history and it's gone for good while your future they say, is a mystery. Sure, your ex "was" the best, but the question is; where is he? Or where is she? You probably don't know, because they might be in some corner of the world having fun with their new lover.

Why not work on your present and make your future brighter by making your sweet love feel like they are the best. Who knows, they might turn out to be the best.


It is important to understand that, we all have a past, therefore no matter how badly you want to reveal everything holding back no secrets, bear in mind, that some things are better left unsaid.

Just in case, your partner asks you about your past relationships, you don't have to worry much just try to keep the details to a minimum, avoid talking about bedtime activities, skip all odd intimate details and make your partner feel like they are the best thing that has ever happened to you. And your relationship will certainly go a long way.

I encourage you to bookmark this page, so as to check off each tip before talking about your past relationships with your present "sweet heart."

What do you think about, talking about past  relationships with your present significant other? What would you do differently when talking about your ex with your lover? Let us know via the comments!

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