9 Effective Ways To Know If You Are A Bossy Woman

Have you ever been told that you are way too bossy or controlling and you begin to wonder if it is true or not?

You're not alone.

For sure, it can be very challenging to determine if you are are bossy or not.
But after much considerations I have put together a comprehensive ways of determining if you are bossy or not.

Read on to find out...

9 Effective Ways To Know If You Are A Bossy Woman

9 Effective Ways To Know If You Are A Bossy Woman

Today's generation women have succeeded in changing the system of men "Masters of the house" that have been going on for time immemorial into reverse mood hence, making things become abnormal.

Not just that, they have also succeeded in putting aside or freezing the "Almighty Men" that used to have things under their control in order for the Supreme ladies to begin their reign.

They have gotten ahead to transform the fellas into servants that must answer all their sudden wishes, decisions.

For toying or playing with their dicks, some of the newly arrived breeds of attractive men have been labeled metrosexual.

The big question is, Do You Boss Over Your Man?

"Hell no! Am not bossing over my man." Of course, you have every right to say that because, you have no horns on your head neither do you have handlebar for moustaches nor do you ooze negative vibes.

Okay lemme ask you, what really makes you think that those "Bossy women" possesses such strange traits?

To some people, a true picture of a bossy Lady, is one with bouncing boobs and maybe, wears never-ending-cleavage-skin-tight-threads.

But that's not true because, you can't judge a book by its cover can you? So also, you can't judge a woman by her appearance.

So, how can one determine if she is bossy or too controlling in her relationship?

Well, here are 9 questions that will actually help you out:

1. Do you dislike accepting help and relying upon others or your partner? Do you expect your Man to always fail at doing something the right way?

2. Do you have a lot of rules and expectations for your partner?

3. Do you always find yourself giving your partner lots of suggestions and unsolicited advice?

4. Do you often insist on being right, having the final word or making sure that things are done your own way?

5. Do you over plan simple activities?

6. Are you a backseat driver?

7. If there is a bad situation, are you the first to take over and order your partner around?

8. Do you become uncomfortable when your personal environment isn't how it should be?

9. How exactly do you feel when your partner makes you late or things don't go according to your plans?

Like earlier mentioned, Bossy Women aren't recognised by their appearance or looks rather, by their behaviors towards others especially their partners.

Well, after pondering over one, many or all of the above listed questions you'll definitely know if you are the Bossy type or not.

What do you think about bossy women? Are you one of them? Lemme know I the comments!

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