8+ Absolute Ways To Respect A Woman

Wondering how you can treat a woman better? No doubt, developing respect for her is one of the surest ways.
Learning how to respect women isn't that difficult, I'll show you how, follow these tips to find out...

8+ Absolute Ways To Respect A Woman

8+ Absolute Ways To Respect A Woman

Due to their bodies, minds and so on, the society has put it on all men and women alike to disrespect women. I mean, the society have always gave more preferential treatments to men than women in lots of places such as positions of power and pay scales.

For that, so many men believe that women are not equal to men and they should be treated as "second class."

As a man who believes that women are not equal to men, you might see every reasons to disrespect women because, one woman has once crossed or crushed you so hard before therefore, all women deserve to be the subject of your fiery rage; you love women with low self esteem and disrespecting them is the only way for you to get their attention; you have a low self-esteem which makes you fake a lot of things about yourself and gives you an illusional view of yourself as superior to others making you disrespect women because you think you are superior to them.

You might also disrespect a woman (most especially your girlfriend or crush) because you see her as an easy win cause she slept with you way too sooner than you expected.

Well, whatever the reason why you are always in the act of disrespecting women, all I want you to know is that they (women) deserve your respect.

Just like civil rights, women have always deserve to be respected. Don't just try to respect women because you think you should but because you know you should.

The most effective way to respect women is to put yourself in their shoes. Just imagine how you would feel if you're treated same disrespectful way women are been treated either by you or people around you.

Without further ado, lemme quickly walk you through the, 8+ Absolute Ways To Respect A Woman

1. Accept Her Response — Ever asked a woman on date, a female coworker for a help or a friend of yours for a favour and she declined?

What was your reaction? Did you instantly thought of her as a bitch or unhelpful? Well that's unfair!

If you asked a fellow man for a help or favour and he declined you'll certainly forget about it, move on or ask another person.

Why would you not do the same if it were to be a  woman? Maybe she might be busy that's why she couldn't help you when you asked.

Besides, her rejection can never make you less of a man. Listen, If she says No, take it as no and move on. Hence, if you asked a woman on a date, a female coworker for a help or a friend of yours for a favour and she declined just accept her response.

2. What If It were to be your Mom — Every wise man loves and respects his mother and wouldn't want to see her disrespected by anyone.

Ever find yourself wondering if you are being respectful to a woman or not? Well, a good way to find out is to ask yourself this question. Would you comfortably say what you say or do in front of your mother? Your answer determines whether or not you are respectful.

3. She Mustn't Meet Your Expectations — Would you like to be judged on your appearance or how other men behave? I don't think so.

So, you don't have to expect her to dress or behave in certain ways. Don't expect her to be polite and accept all of your kind gestures because other women do that. Just accept her the way she is.

4. Don't Compare Her To Others — Some people often like to use lines like; "you are not like other girls" as compliment but that's wrong.

As a Man, if a girl tells you that you are not like other men you are right to take it as a compliment but to a woman the case is different.

Such lines will only make her to wonder what's wrong with other girls due to the fact that women always have respect for other women.

So, just avoid such lines and always show her her that you view all women equally and respect them all she will in turn, respect you for that.

5. Learn To Be A Good Listener — There is no one who wouldn't want to be given a listening ear not even you.

If you are having a conversation with someone who will want you to listen to his or her stories or opinions but won't listen to yours, you'll definitely feel bad and disrespected.

The next time you are having a conversation with your woman listen to her stories or opinions. Don't just listen to her, respond to what she actually said and not what you think she said by so doing, you'll be a good listener.

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6. Avoid Mansplaining — Have you ever been in a conversation with a woman and you are trying so hard to show her that you know the topic you talking about more than her? You are just Mansplaining.

When you twist what she said in other to show you know better or to seem like you are fixing the problem. You are Mansplaining and it will make her feel that you are arrogant and disrespectful.

When you are Mansplaining, you are trying to show her that you are a kinda smarter or more intelligent than her because you're a man.

When you are talking to a fellow man and his trying to show you he knows the topic better than you. You'll surely feel he is talking you down or disrespecting you.

Just like you wouldn't like to be treated like that and you wouldn't treat a fellow man like that, try as much as you can not to treat a woman like that.

Like I said earlier, just listen to her and respond to what she actually said and not what you think she said.

7. Not all Women are the same — "All men are not the same" is what you will always hear, when a man is being asked (by a woman) about sexual assaulters, heart breakers, violence and so on.

It's totally wrong to assume that all women are liars, cheaters or untrustworthy just because of one woman. That's a biased judgement.

Just like you are convinced that all men are not the same, it's expected of you to also know that all women are not the same. The earlier you ditch that idea the better you'll be when it comes to respecting women.

8. Believe her — There is nothing so demeaning as being constantly disbelieved. When you're telling your experience to a friend and he or she doesn't believe you. You'll feel pained for sure.

If she tells you her boss is treating her differently, or she tells about a sexual harassment, or how she was harassed along the street just believe her. Don't give her useless excuses that shows you don't believe her.

Don’t tell her it is all in her head, don’t tell her she took it the wrong way or she should have worn a longer skirt. Believe her instead and try to tell her something that will make her feel better.

9. Avoid Using Diminutives — Have you ever done a very impressive thing and everyone around applauded you but someone who isn't up to your age walked up to and used a word or two that are only reserved for little brothers to refer to you? Well, that can be embarrassing or even disrespecting at times.

Whether if you are in the office or anywhere and an impressive thing is been done by a woman never use pet names while applauding or commending her efforts if you know she is not your pet.

You might use pet names to refer to her because you want to knock her a few pages down but the problem is that she might feel you are referring to her as your little sister.

If she had done a professional duty, then she might have a feeling that you are dismissing her professionalism and expertise by using words that are reserved for little sisters.

Besides, you'll never use "hun" to refer to a fellow male colleague. So, don't use a pet name to refer to her if really is not your pet.

Finally, not all men are disrespectful to women but every little effort made in order to show some respect to women will also gain you more respect.

When you respect others, they will also respect you.

Wanna know how to respect women? Put yourself in their shoes and try to treat them as you would like to be treated.

So, are you going to start respecting women?

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