9 Absolute Reasons Why People Fall Out Of Love

Wondering why you are falling out of love? Or why people generally fall out of love?

Your relationship seems to be quite exciting at first but recently changed. You no longer share your emotions with your partner, you are recently too busy to be spend time with your partner even though you are not doing anything, you avoid being intimate with your partner and so on.
All these are signs that you are falling out of love. But the big question is; why is it that people are falling out of love?

If you are stuck trying to figure out why you no longer love your partner or why you are falling out of love, we've got your back, read on to find out...

9 Absolute Reasons Why People Fall Out Of Love

9 Absolute Reasons Why People Fall Out Of Love

People are emotional and emotions do change and change in emotions brings about falling out of love but what gives rise to a change in emotions?

9 Absolute Reasons Why People Fall Out of Love

1. Monotony: Boredom and routine can put an end to the feeling of love for one's partner especially when the relationship is not cultivated in its different stages. When couples constantly repeat or do boring things always, it might lead them to asking questions like; "where is that which surprised us before?"

2. Complaint/Criticism: another reason why people fall out love is that, they often find their selves complaining about or criticizing their partners over behaviours they once tolerated. Hence, they say whatever they like to their partners without considering their partner's feelings and this can lead to big arguments which might in turn, bring about break up.

3. Poor communication: Every solid relationship is surely built on the basis of constant communication. The more you fail to exchange ideas, share intentions, life goals and emotions with each other, the more the bond between you dies. In a nut shell, avoid generic discussions like; just asking each other about health, the night/sleep and so on.
Lack of communication can make one perceive his or partner as a stranger. There by, making one to gradually fall out of Love.

4. Ego: When neither of the couple is ready to give up or compromise, the only way out is for them to part ways. If self esteem takes the form of ego, it will only make one party fall out of Love and that will eventually lead to a break up or divorce.

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5. Jealousy & Insecurity: Another reason why people fall out of Love, is jealousy followed by insecurity. When someone isn't comfortable with the way his/her partner interacts with other people of opposite s-x, that describes jealousy and it gives rise to insecurity which is a situation where One is afraid to loose his/her partner. Such thoughts nags the mind of an individual there by making him/her stray and fall out of Love.

6. You always disagree with each other: When you find it difficult to come to an agreement with your partner, whether you constantly argue about larger issues such as, Life choices & shared values or probably smaller issues like, where to go for dinner and so on. 
It is very challenging to truly Love your partner when you constantly fight or argue with your partner over almost everything, even though you might still care about him/her.

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7. You are in love with someone else: It is pretty difficult to still love your partner if you are falling in love with someone else. Falling in love with another person can make One fall out of Love with their primary partner.

8. Emotional burdens: Emotional burdens such as losing a family member/friend or even loss of job, can gradually make One to fall out of Love due to the fact that it always difficult for some people to put up with emotional burdens testing their relationship.

9. Your partner betrayed you: You might fall out of Love because, you feel your partner betrayed your trust either by having an emotional affair or a physical one. It can be difficult to still love that person since you no longer trust him/her.

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Everyone wants an ideal partner, no one likes falling out of love.

There are so many reasons why people fall out of love out of which includes, Monotony, too much complains & criticism, poor communication, Ego, Jealousy/insecurity, constant disagreement or fight between both parties, being in love with someone else, emotional burdens and a feeling of being betrayed.

However, completely falling out of love or igniting the fire of love in your relationship is up to you. But if your want your relationship to still work, sit down discuss your differences.

What are other reasons why people fall out love that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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