13+ Warning Signs You Should Leave Your Relationship

Wondering whether you should stay or not? Are you stuck trying to figure out red flags that indicates when to leave a relationship? We've got you covered!

Making such puzzling decisions can be difficult but below are why some people are finding it very easy to make such decisions, read on to find out...

Signs You Should Leave Your Relationship

Signs You Should Leave Your Relationship

One of the biggest reasons why people find it difficult to make a decision of quitting a relationship is that most people feel that they have deeply invested their finances, dependence, emotions or time in the relationship.

Owing to that, they try everything humanly possible to make the relationship work and in the process, they fall into the trap of allowing all sorts of shit they would never have tolerated all in the name of "forgiveness and endurance."

Some people will just give themselves reasons why they should continue with the relationship. They will be like; "Things used to go smoothly in the past so therefore i know things will be better in the future." With that in mind, they will keep on forgiving and enduring every thing thrown at them.

But the truth is that there is a great difference between forgiveness and weakness. When you constantly forgive your partner for hurting you while that partner of yours never cease to hurt you. I mean, they try to hurt you with every little opportunity they have, forgiving them again will only be regarded as self-deception or weakness.

Are you looking for red flags that indicates when to leave a "messy" relationship? Well, below are 13+ Warning Signs You Should Leave Your Relationship.

1. Constant Abuse – There are limits to what should be endured. No matter how much your partner tries to make up for abusing you either physically or emotionally, if it turns out to be a habitual act or something done constantly then, calling it a quit isn't a wrong decision.

Like earlier mentioned, there is a huge gap between endurance and self deception. When you constantly endure or forgive each time you are been abused and your partner seems not understand.

Well, forgiving them one more time will never change them, you'll only be fooling yourself if you do.

Because, they will assume that you will always forgive them whenever they hit you so, they will never think twice to pounce on you whenever they feel like.

So, Do yourself good by walking out of their life.

2. Sequential or Serial Cheating – You can call it coincidence the first time, you might also want to give a another chance if it happens for the second time but something is obviously wrong if it eventually happens for the third time.

If your partner doesn't care about your feelings while constantly cheating on you, I guess it's time to let go.

3. Communication Issues – No doubt, communication is one of the vital ingredients of a healthy relationship.

If you are finding it difficult to share ideas, thoughts, goals and emotions with your partner it's obvious that the bond between you is gradually dying and your next line of action should be, finding your way out of the relationship.

To be frank, if you don't consider your partner to be your best friend who you can share all your thoughts and feelings with, consider going your separate ways.

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4. Addiction – You are not supposed to be their therapist but a lover or partner.

I suggest you use the door out of the relationship if your partner seems to be overly addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling or something else.

Especially if their addiction is a problem in the relationship or is affecting your well being in one way or the other. Just call it a quit besides you are never the cause of their addiction so, there is no point being their therapist.

5. Too Much Arguments — If there are too much arguments between both of you maybe, he or she might not be the right person for you.

If you frequently argue or fight with your partner over almost everything be it, small issues or larger ones you'll always find it difficult to still love that partner in such a situation and the only way out is to part ways.

6. Disrespect — Who doesn't want a partner that will respect and treat them well? If you partner is trying so hard to put you down, talk you down or make fool of you on several occasions for whatsoever reasons its obvious the respect is no longer there. Walking out of the door is the surest way to find someone who will love and respect you so, I suggest you talk the bold step and walk out.

7. Emotional Terrorism — For me, emotional terrorism, refers to when your partner deliberately lies in public or private in oder to prove that you are always the cause of every problem in the relationship. If your partner is terrorizing you emotionally I suggest it's time to walk out of the door.

8. Deception — If deception is the order of the day in your relationship know that something is wrong somewhere.
If you're constantly lying just to avoid hurting your partner, avoid confrontation or you totally don't do what you want because you don't want to upset your partner. You're living a fake life.

I think it's better to put an end to a relationship in which you are not loved for who you are so that you can get a better relationship.

Likewise, if you feel you are often lied to in order to maintain peace it's high time you put an end to such deception by leaving the relationship.

9. Self Created Reality — It is always wise to discontinue what you no longer enjoy. If you always see past memories as reasons to continue with your relationship, it's crystal clear that you're living in a self created reality which implies that you are no longer enjoying the relationship.

Like I said earlier, be wise enough to discontinue what you no longer enjoy because, there is no point in seeing past memories as reasons to continue since, your relationship doesn't exist in the past but in current moment.

No matter how difficult it seems you just have to let the past be past by using the door out of the relationship for good.

10. You no longer feel the same — Change they say is always constant. Things change likewise people.

People naturally fall out of love for so many reasons. If you no longer feel the fire of love in you towards your partner, if you no longer feel the same way you used to feel towards your partner, that's a clear sign to end the relationship.

Be honest with your self and do the right thing by quitting the relationship you don't have to be scared of hurting your partner's feelings. If you hurt their feelings it's their problem and not yours so you have to ditch that thought and move on since you no longer feel the same.

You'll be unfair to your self and your partner if you choose to continue the relationship if their is no mutual feelings in it. Besides, a relationship without mutual feelings between partners is like a body without heart, soul or life. The best thing for you guys is to go your separate ways. Who knows, you might find a better relationship soon.

11. Imbalanced Commitment — Do you have a feeling that you are the only one putting in more effort to preserve the relationship while your partner puts in little or no effort or commitment? That's a clear example of an unbalanced relationship and it doesn't have to be so.

An ideal relationship is one in which equal efforts are made by the both parties. Anything order than this is simply "dictatorship." Because you are just treating them like royalty by doing all the work.

The truth is that, if you keep treating them like royalty you'll soon be treated like a worthless peasant because all you do will never be appreciated. No just that, the more you put in more efforts, more efforts will be required of you and in no distant time you'll be drained and in the process you'll lose your self identity, to make the matter worse, you won't even be appreciated.

Since you're not appreciated it's high time you go out and find another person who will always appreciate your efforts by also putting in his or her own efforts equally.

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12. Frustration — Is your relationship leaving you unhappy, upset or in tears often? Are you always frustrated by your relationship? If so, something is amis.

Everyone wishes to be in a relationship that brings them so much joy and happiness but unfortunately some people end up being in painstaking relationships and eventually they begin to see past happy memories as reasons to continue or they begin hope the future will be better so they will continue with the relationship.

Like earlier mentioned, your relationship no longer exists in the past neither does it exist in the future besides the future is yet to come. You are not so sure that things will get better in the future. So therefore, if your relationship is leaving you frustrated, unhappy or in tears, put an end to it by leaving the relationship.

13. Ego Trick — Are you into your current relationship simply because you are lonely? Are you dating your current partner because you feel he or she is a challenge to you?

You are just feeding your ego. Such decisions can you lead to dating someone you would never date by sacrificing your own standards just to be with them.

This is dangerous, because in no time they will realize that you value them more than yourself and will use it to manipulate you.

So, if you've been tricked by your ego into dating someone you would never date because, you want to conquer what you think you can't have by paying a huge price of allowing what you would never tolerate? You're in bondage not relationship and the only way to get yourself out of this bondage is by getting the f*ck out of the relationship.

14. Self Justification Of Actions — Ever caught yourself justifying actions of your partner so as to feel good about it? Do you always see reasons to come up with explanations for the actions of your partner? There is a big problem.

Don't you think your relationship seems to be built on your rationalizations rather than reality? I mean, it has to do with your self created explanations which might not be even true.

If you always catch yourself bringing up explanations for uncomfortable actions of your partner? You don't deserve to be in such a messy relationship is better for you to get the f*ck out of of that sh*t!


No matter how difficult it is to quit your relationship, I want you to always bear in mind that it is not the end of the world but a beginning of a new beautiful life.

Letting go of a messy relationship, might eventually lead you to your real soul mate whom you will leave happily with. Just like you've always wished.

You don't have to continue with a relationship that always bring you pains and sufferings. Take the bold step and put an end to it if you notice one, many or all of the above mentioned signs to leave a relationship.

Which of these signs have you noticed in your previous or present relationship? Share your experiences with us via the comments section!

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