13 And A Half Simple Things You Can Do To Get Over Anxiety Attack

The very moment you remember that you have a presentation at your working place or you have a date with your crush in no distant time and you begin to experience a sudden feeling of nervousness or restlessness, increased heart beat rate, uncontrollable sweating or rapid breathing. There is no doubt you are suffering from an Anxiety Attack.

Immediately, you'll begin to wish you can get rid of such painstaking experiences as fast as possible so as to feel alright once again.

Even though it might seem difficult to quickly get the over anxiety attack you're passing through, it is surely possible to get over it within a twinkle of an eye, read on to find out how...

13 And A Half Simple Things You Can Do To Get Over Anxiety Attack

If you are passing through one, many or all of the experiences mentioned above, It will definitely get to a time you'll begin to wonder why you are having such painstaking experiences.

Such experiences, are a few of the many symptoms of anxiety attacks and they are brought about by activation of stress response by the body. Which results in secretion of stress hormones by the body, into the blood stream which transports them to targeted spots in the body giving rise to physiological, psychological, and emotional changes in the body, that brings about one, many or all of the above mentioned experiences.

Anxiety attacks occurs when a high degree of stress response is either activated by excessive worry/fear that something bad may happen or by involuntary action of an over stressed body.

In a nutshell, anxiety, is mainly caused by two things: 

When you worry or fear that something really bad may happen your body will definitely activate a very high degree stress response. When that happens, you'll be passing through aVoluntary anxiety attack which is one of the causes of anxiety attacks.

While the second cause of anxiety attack, which is referred to as Involuntary anxiety attacks, occurs when a high degree stress response is activated in the body, as a result of too much stress. This is actually why people become anxious for no just reason.

Having said that, let's proceed to the
13 And A Half Simple Things You Can Do To Get Over Anxiety Attack

1. Have a full understanding of how anxiety attack works - The best way to tackle a problem is by being unafraid of that problem. It's pretty difficult to fight someone you're really afraid of.
Having a thorough knowledge if anxiety attacks. I mean, truly knowing the components that contribute to anxiety attacks, what causes anxiety attacks and how your body can respond to anxiety attacks will definitely make you not to be afraid of anxiety attacks.
Being afraid of anxiety attacks will only escalate your anxious situation.

2. Focus on the present - Worrying about what would happen in the future will only make you more anxious. Instead, try focussing or bringing yourself to the present. Ask yourself questions like: what's happening right now? Is there something I need to do right now?

3. Recategorise what's going on - Most times, anxiety attacks lead to panic attacks. Panic attack is the abrupt onset of intense fear or discomfort that reaches peak within minutes. Its often accompanied by a pounding heart or accelerated heart rate, trembling or shaking, smothering and so on.
Whenever you experience a panic attack, one of the things you can do to control the situation is, relabelling the situation by reminding yourself that you are just having a panic attack and that it isn't a big deal.

4. Get yourself calmed - Try as much as possible to get yourself calmed down during an anxiety attack. The more at ease you are, the faster the attack will end which implies that you will feel good in no distant time. Calming yourself down plays a great role in helping you shut off the mechanism that gives rise anxiety attacks.

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5. Rethink your fears - Anxiety involves worry or fear. Rethinking your fears will go a long way in helping you train your brain to always come up with ways to deal with your anxious thoughts. For instance, if you're nervous about a date with your crush, rather than think "I can't do it" say "I'm nervous but I'll surely do it because I know I can"

6 Breathe in and out - if you're having an anxiety attack, another way to get over it is by trying out a deep breathing. It will help you calm down and recenter your mind.
Am not saying you should research and try out all kinds of breathing exercises but simply, focusing on inhaling and exhaling will do the magic.

7. Just do something - Doing anything that will distract you from thinking will certainly help you regain your sense of control. Stand up, take a walk, listen to music, Just do something!

8. The 3-3-3 formula - Another great way to tackle it is to play a mental trick that will distract you from your thoughts and bring you back to the present. The 3-3-3 formula will help you on that.
Now look around you and name any three things you see, then three sounds you hear and finally move three parts of your body.

9. Check your body posture - Your body posture is sometimes affected when you're anxious. You might involuntarily hunch over in order to protect your upper body which is, where your heart and lungs are located. Adjusting your body posture is a physical remedy to anxious situations as it helps you calm yourself down. Try this: pull your shoulder back, stand or sit with your feet apart and open your chest. You'll surely feel a little more better.

10. Avoid surgery stuffs - I don't know why most people tend to go for something sweet when they are anxious and stressed. But believe me, it's no the best approach.
According to research, taking too much sugar will only worsen your anxious feelings. Therefore avoid sugary stuffs!
Why not drink a glass of water or take protein which will in turn, provide you slow energy your body needs to recover.

11. Talk to someone - A problem shared is a problem solved. Telling your worries or fears to someone will not only get them resolved, it will also help you see them clearly for what they are. So, call a friend or family member and share your worries with them.

12. Try watching a funny video - According to research, laughing can help one lower his/her anxiety, probably more than exercise can. Thus, making laughter one of the positive remedies for anxious situations. Watching clips of your favorite comedian or funny TV show is a great way to get you laughing out your heart.

13. It doesn't last forever - Despite that, sometimes anxiety attacks can feel as if it's gonna last forever, always bear in mind that it doesn't and will soon come to an end. It will only take some time.
Being calm helps you put an end to stress response and bearing in mind that the attack won't last forever will help you remain calm.

Conclusion -
Finally, always have it in mind that anxiety attacks can be controlled no matter how intense it may be. You might feel it can not be controlled at times. Well, you have to ditch that feelings because it is 100% controllable.

If you master the art of controlling anxiety attacks you'll discover that it is not actually beyond control as it may seem.

The above strategies will always help you to get in control of every situations. Bookmark this page so as to check on the strategies anytime you want to.

I would like to know which tip or strategy worked best for you. So, lemme know in the comments section!

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