5 Little Known Ways To Start Swinging With Your Partner Successfully

Have you been longing to have a kinda "open relationship" which allows you to freely make out with some other person other than your spouse or partner? Then, you might be probably thinking of swinging. Do you wish you can have an intimate or carnal activities outside your primary relationship with the consent of your primary partner without losing them? You can make it work, read on to learn how...

5 Little Known Ways To Start Swinging With Your Partner Successfully

5 Little Known Ways To Start Swinging With Your Partner Successfully

No doubt, people have always been accustomed to going into a "closed relationship." Which involves being in love and making out with a single partner only, otherwise known as Monogamy.

But many a time, some people prefer something else. Something like; being in love with their primary partner and at the same time, having s-x with someone or people they are not emotionally attached to for so many reasons. You can call that Swinging.

What exactly does Swinging mean? It refers to when couples indulge in intimate or carnal activities with someone other than one's primary spouse or partner. In other words, it is when couples reach out to another person or couple for a purpose of s-xual relations or swap partners.

One of the reasons why some people go into swinging, is that they are convinced that physical attraction should be enjoyed since, it is part of human nature. Making swinging an "in-thing" for a very long time.

Types Of Swinging Couples
Before going into swinging, it is a good idea to have some clues on the different types of ways couples can swing.
Swinging is a carnal activity and there are several ways couples can indulge in it. They include but are not limited to the following;

1. Exhibitionism: Is a form of swinging that has to do with being watched by at least one person while making out with a partner.

2. Voyeurism: Refers to when one is watching others make out. Usually done in a group.

3. Soft swap: Is when one person either male or female gets blow job or tickling by multiple partners. It usually done during three some.

4. Peak swap: Involves having s-x with someone else. It has almost same definition with swinging but some how different.

5. Group game: Occurs when four or more people interact with each other physically on bed.

6. Ménage trios: Otherwise known as threesomes. Is when three people involve in a s-xual act.

7. Bi-Factor: Most common between women and really occurs between men. It describes a situation where people of same s-x interact with each other s-xually.

Since, swingers allows partners to make out with others, certain rules must be set for swinging to work perfectly. Mind you, the rule(s) should also be adjustable based on circumstances.

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Ways To Start Swinging With Your Partner

1. Discuss about it with your partner: Talk about it with your partner in other for you to be on the same page so that it will not be a kinda selfish decision taking by you. You can as well, watch porn together and study each other's reaction. Find out if you are jealous of what your partner likes or turned on by what turns your partner on. Either way, you should figure out what you like or find boring.

2. Do some research: Visit swinging forum or talk to Swingers you know that live around you in other for you to get some ideas of expectations or possible issues of swinging. Mind you, swinging is a joint effort where couples go into it together in other to improve their s-x life and not a polygamy where a single party go in search of s-x mate outside their relationship.

3. Set some rules: I earlier mentioned setting up some rules as a criterion for having a perfect swinging experience. If you get some rules it will surely help you know your boundaries so as not to get your partner hurt in anyway. Set rules like; you (both couples) have to be with others s-xually but with each other emotionally. Just set some rules in accordance to what you both want from swinging. But remember it should be adjustable.

4. Join a swinging party or club: One of the easiest ways to swing Is by attending hosted swinging parties. You mustn't interact with others during your first visit to your newly found party because it might seam a bit weird. Just observe how things are done from one corner.

5. Find a website: If you don't know where to find parties or club, you can try out websites that allow couples sign up to find near by parties or interested partners. Websites like; Swinglifestyle and Mixxxer would do a great job.


Lastly, avoid falling in love with other swinging partners because, Swinging is all about physical intimacy and not emotional attraction.

Always remember that, Swinging isn't a chance to make out with other attractive people but a chance to improve your s-xual life. The earlier you ditch that idea the better for you.

If am to go into swinging, I will first of all, discuss about it with my partner, do some research by asking questions on swinging forums, or talk to other swingers I know around me, I will definitely set up some rules with my partner bearing in mind that the rules can be adjustable, I will also join swinging parties or club and if I don't know where to find one, I will check on websites like, Swinglifestyle and Mixxxxer and sign up to find nearby parties or club.

Swinging can be confusing at times, so bookmark this page to and check each of the tips outlined above, whenever you are confused or lost.

Do you think swinging is ideal for you? Lemme know in the comments!

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