4 Ultimate Tips To Turn Him On

Is your s-x life getting bored and unbearable? Fret not, here are 4 Ultimate Tips To Turn Him On and turn things around for good...
Tips To Turn Him On

Tips To Turn Him On

The beginning of almost every relationship is usually fun and exciting making almost every time spent together memorable.

But as time goes on, activities that used to be fun, lively and exciting will gradually become monotonous and boring and s-x is not excluded.

So, you wanna change that and ignite the fire in your s-x life? Then, check out the tips below.

4 Ultimate Tips To Turn Him On

Understanding the male psyche is a must criterion if you want to master the art of turning a guy on.

The fact that men are always startled by what they see, doesn't mean you can always turn him on with your lingerie. If you want him to chase you then, you have to chase him first. Of course guys love to be chased also.

1. Say they right words: Everyone gets flattered when complemented positively. Avoid boring and generic lines when complementing him. Words like; "you are do hot" or "you are good in bed" are just too boring and generic. Try lines like; "I love your broad chest it always gets wet dripping on my panties whenever I looked." He will surely be flattered.

2. Stare at him: stare at him with admiration and desire. Look into his eye balls. You can as well, do something crazy like; licking your lips and wink at him. This will make him wonder what you are up to.

3. Touch him: Touch him frequently if you want to arouse him. Unlike girls, guys don't find touch them offensive always. But you have to do it tactically and obviously if you want him to get the message. Do it this way; touch him and give him a killer complement. Like; "I just find it hard to keep my hands to myself whenever am around you" and slid your hand into his shirt.

4. Surprise him: there is nobody that doesn't like to be surprised. Surprise him and make him think about you all day. Try this; call him in the middle of the day and tell him that you are just staring at his semi clad picture and can't wait to be with him at night. This will no doubt make him crave to be with you sooner or later.

The Tips To Turn Him On above, will surely help you in making your s-x life more lively.

Like I said earlier, turning a guy on has to do with understanding the male psyche. You have to put in more effort in complementing him and arise the "man" in him by so doing, your s-x life will never go boring again.

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