Cuckold Humiliation:11 Right Ways To Do It

Have you ever caught yourself wondering if your partner could allow you cheat them? What if they find pleasure in doing so? Either way, that is called Cuckold Humiliation. Do you have a dream of making out with someone else you desire, with the consent of your partner? It's possible, let me walk you through the step by step guide on how it works...
Cuckold Humiliation

Cuckold Humiliation

Contrary to the fact that people have always learned that they are supposed to be with one partner until they are old and grey, some people want to be involved in what is termed as Cuckold Humiliation.

Wondering what Cuckold could mean? Well, someone who drives or receives pleasure from their partner cheating on them is referred to as a Cuckold.

11 Right Ways To Do Cuckold Humiliation 

A Cuckold can eventually experience orgasm, knowing that or witnessing their partner making out with someone else. Which implies that it is not actually "cheating" because they are aware of it and are also in approval.
Your partner may or may not be a Cuckold but if you are probably curious to know how it actually works, then check out the steps below.

1. It doesn't always involve humiliation: Enjoying Cuckoldry without humiliation or with a little bit of it, is very possible. In as much as you are interested in Cuckoldry but don't want the humiliation. All you have to do explore your level of comfort with humiliation as this is different with everyone.

2. It gets rid of jealousy: Everyone gets jealous at times especially when it has to do with their s-xual partners. Jealousy can at times, make your partner seam more attractive when someone else eyes them there by getting you aroused. If the same mentality is applied to Cuckoldry, there will no longer be jealousy.

3. They are different ways to be humiliated: one thing about Cuckolds is that they get aroused by humiliations. The humiliation may range from; the other person being better than them in bed, more attractive than them or even helping their partner pick an outfit for the date. e.t.c Ask them what their dream scenario would be.

4. Talk about everything: know where the boundaries are by asking them what will make them comfortable and the type of humiliation they prefer. If you don't want your partner to experience any form of miscommunication then, you have to sit down and discuss every aspect of Cuckold humiliation with them.

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5. Explore humiliation together: one of the best ways to figure out what types of humiliations will suit your partner or not is by experimenting them. You have to explore humiliation together before going for another partner. You can try out one of the many domination and submission games to help you out.

6. Find a partner: it might seam a bit weird or odd talk to some random person on the street about it. The best way out is to turn to the internet. There are a couple of websites online that can help the situation which includes; Craigslist, Cupid or even Adultfriendfinder or Cuckoldfinder as the last two can allow you place targeted ads based on your needs.

7. Don't cheat: the fact that you are into Cuckoldry doesn't mean you should go around sleeping with anybody you wish to. If you do that it will be cheating. Weird right? Listen, you just have to make out with someone your partner approves.

8. Confused: if you ever get confused or need some help, you can ask couples you know, who are into Cuckoldry or better still, turn to porn. The porn industry have a hand full of videos which will surely help you out.

9. The Cuckold don't have to involve in any s-xual activity: the cuckold may not be part of any s-xual activities. Which implies that he may just watch or masturbate from one corner.

10. "Fem" cuck may be a way out: fem cuck refers to the act of wearing feminine features like pants, makeup, lip stick e.t.c by your partner when making out together with the use of s-x toys like dildo e.t.c It might be a way out if you're a kinda finding everything weird.

11. Talk about it after: like I said earlier, transparency matters. Discuss how it all went with your partner by so doing, you can figure out what you liked and didn't like.

On a final note, the humiliation is a key factor. Since, Cuckolds are aroused by humiliations or find much pleasure in it. But it has to be done rightly, here is where the 11 tips outlined above comes in. Because, they will guide and keep you between the boundaries there by keeping your relationship with your lover save.
Do you think Cuckold Humiliation can work for you? If yes, tell us the tip that worked best for you or probably you can let us know if you have any other tips we failed to mention.

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