15 Obvious Signs Your Partner Is Falling Out Of Love

You are in love with this special someone of yours and you think it's going to last forever? Am not saying it wouldn't but if you notice these 15 signs then you partner is falling out of love.

Sings your partner is falling out of love.png

Sings your partner is falling out of love.png

Whenever you are in a serious relationship, there is always a natural feeling of "This one is gonna last forever" of course it's possible a lot of couples have stayed together until they old and grey.
But in most cases, the story is always different as one of them will fall out of love owing to the fact that people are emotional and emotions do change.

15 Obvious Signs Your Partner Is Falling Out Of Love. 

You must have known your partner pretty well if you've been in this relationship for quite some time making it possible for you to notice some changes in their behaviors towards you.

Therefore, if you see these signs then your partner is falling out of love or probably falling in love with someone else. Remember, No one said love must last forever.

1. You fell it: Like I said earlier, people are emotional and emotions do change. Once there is a change a in emotions there must be a change in behavior. All am trying to say is that, from the way your partner treats you, you will have a clue that all is not well.


2. They stopped sharing emotions: Your partner might be finding it difficult to share their emotions with you like they used to because their emotions are directed somewhere else. As lovers you might be used to talking about deep emotions with each other. If you are ever left guessing about their feelings then they are falling out of love.

3. All they want is sex: They may always want sex using it as a cover up for lack of intimacy. Don't be deceived sex is never intimacy because one can have sex with someone without being intimate with them. They are just using it as a cover up for the fact that they are avoiding, deep conversations, public kissing or going on a date night with you like you used to.

4. They get too defensive: Your partner is obviously falling in love with someone else if they get too defensive and sometimes offended when you question them about a specific person or behavior. A big argument might arise because, you asked a simple question like; What did you do last night?

5. They have little or no time for you: When they give you excuse of being too busy to meet up with you all the time despite the fact that you used to spend time together, go on date nights etc... Until recently they became "too busy" all the time. Am sorry, it's obvious they are out of love.

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6. They ghost you: Ghost? Yeah, Ghosting a friend means completely cutting them from your life without explanations or heads up.
If you notice a change in the way your partner replies your texts. I.e if they ignore your text or reply hours later. They are probably ghosting you. If they don't see a need to keep you updated on their plans they are probably keeping someone else updated and that is not a good sign.

7. There is no more intimacy: If you no longer cuddle on the couch together, talk for hours, regularly have sex or hold hands as you used to do. Then, there is no more intimacy. One of the important things that keep couples together is intimacy and if it is being avoided in anyway, then your relationship is about to crash.

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8. They are doing something new: If your partner starts to work more on their looks or trying so hard to dress and look better and make things worst they are going out more often than normal. Then, they may trying to impress someone else.

9. You don't talk as much: In every relationship communication is one of the most essential things. Your partner might be considered to be falling out of love if you no longer have deep long conversation as usual. Is your partner in anyway avoiding talking to you as they are posed to be on several occasions? Watch out they are falling out of love.

10. They avoid talking about the future: If all of a sudden your partner stops labelling the relationship neither do they want to talk about future plans with you like they used to. They are probably planning their future with someone else you are just an option to them.

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11. They avoid your family and friends: If your partner never had problems seeing your family and friends but all of a sudden begins to distance themselves from your family and friends bear it in mind that they are distracting themselves from you.

12. They start hiding their phone: Are you seeing any of these small but significant changes in your partner? They walk out of the room when talking on phone, they text away from you, you no longer know the password to their phones etc... To wrap it all, if they are just a kinda hiding their phone from you then, they are up to something.

13. They too kind to you: Your partner might be trying to please and compensate you because they've fucked up big time and are not being honest with you. So, they try hard to be kind to you. They may be giving you so many gifts but believe me, it's not from their hearts.

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14. They no longer respect you: At least, in every relationship there should be an atom if not element of respect. If you get a feeling that your partner no longer respects you like they used to. If they make it seem like they are no longer into you like they used to or are they a kinda taking advantage of your kindness and trying so hard to put you down in every way? Know that the respect is no longer there which indicates that they have their eyes on someone else.

15. They compare you to others: They are just trying to prove to you that the other person they are into is better than you, they constantly compare you to other people and that is not a good sign in fact, it's the worst sign of falling out of love your partner can ever show you.


Well, those are the 15 obvious signs your partner is falling out of love...If you still want the relationship to work then you've to sit down with them and talk about it but if you don't I think it's time to let go at least it's better to end the crashing relationship yourself than to allow them to have a feeling that they broke your heart. Think about it...

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