Hate: How To Deal With Hate And Stop Hating Someone

How To Deal With Hate And Stop Hating Someone? Isn't a big deal if you understand and use these simple tips.

Hate: How To Deal With Hate And Stop Hating Someone

Hate: How To Deal With Hate And Stop Hating Someone

Unless you figure out how to stop hating someone and learn to deal with the people you hate, your life will be more difficult to handle due to excessive hate feelings.

Nowadays things seems to work under the influence of hate than any other emotion making it a greater motivation behind most strong actions than love.


There is this old saying that, hate cannot exist without love. And most at times, hate is always worst where love once was.

But hate is not always brought by love lost but it can also be brought by so many years of piled up neglect and frustration that is, jealousy.

Some people find it really difficult to deal with the hate in their hearts for probably, their siblings or their former friends, spouses, or colleagues, maybe because they were consumed by jealousy.

According to psychologists, hate is as much an indicator of your own personality and not always because of someone else.

You are more likely to have a hard time dealing with hate if you are among those who are generally unhappy and dissatisfied with life.

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That is to say, if there is something you had a tough time in getting you might likely develop hate for someone whom you think got same thing the easy way.

Hate could also be as a result of what you went through in life because your past experiences determines what you are today.

There are some people who their hate feelings revolve around one person in an entire group. For instance, you may develop hate for older men because you had an abusive father or you probably hate your boss because he reminds of that obnoxious uncle of yours who always hit on you even when you've done nothing.

One thing about hate is that it is pointless. It only bring more harm to you. The fact that you hate that "bitch" who happens to be your best friend's girl won't make your friend to dump her neither will she get a sleepless night you are the one who will have a restless night instead. Besides you hate her or not it your problem and not hers.

Not just that, hate can also make you to loss a lot. For example, you refuse to go to your working team get-together just because you hate and can't stand some of your team mates and it so happens that, that annoying know-it-all in the next cubicle manages to become best pals with your boss over a few drinks, and sneaks away that coveted promotion right underneath your nose. Who's loss?

Hatred can also make you blind towards people that truly loves you. If you busy hating on your ex who dumped you for another girl, you might not notice one of your friend who has been waiting patiently for you to get over your anger and hate and on the long run, he may eventually run out of patience and walk away.

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So also, your hatred for one single person can make you avoid other people you love just because you think you can't stand that person you hate.

So, the best thing for you is to learn how to stop hating and understand how to deal with hate and only positive way you can do that is understand that you do more harm to yourself than to the person you hate making hate a worthless feeling. Now that you know how to deal with hate,  go get yourself a better and happier life.

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