5+ Positive Ways To Make A Girl Like You

Want to be a regular chic magnet? Then, the 5+ Positive Ways To Make A Girl Like You listed below is for you…

5+ Positive Ways To Make A Girl Like You

Making a girl like you can complicated but also easy if you understand the mind of a girl and the way she thinks and always remember that each girl has her own  likes and dislikes due to the fact that each girl is different.

You can take her to out for an expensive dinner, get her some flowers or anything else but bear in mind that no matter what you do to impress a girl, it really won’t make a difference if the foundation isn’t right.


In as much as, you don't understand the one thing a girl wants a guy, you will never make her like you no matter what you do.

How To Make A Girl Like You

Making a girl like you is so much connected to your personality. Other factors are flirting skills and smooth talking skills but they are of no use if you don't have a good personality.

So, the best option is to work on your personality before any other thing and get her craving for you to say"I Love You."

How To Build Your Personality And Make Her Like You

Being an improved version of yourself is one of surest ways to make a girl fall for you even at first sight and you can be an improved version of you by working on yourself.

Having a great personality can make all girls want to be with you. The steps below, will help you improve your personality and become the best man you can ever be hence, making you all ladies desires.

1. Be the dominant guy:
Among your friends, you have to be a dominant guy of the group. Am not saying you should be the godfather or top dog of your group but all am saying is that you should not be the clown of the group.

Always try to see that your friends enjoy your company and respect you for who you are and don't ever allow them to take you for granted.

Because, girls appreciate a guy who is respected by his friends than a pushover of the group.

2. Self respect:
It is perfectly alright to see yourself as a great guy but you gat to think from another person's view. For instance, Do you try to cling to your friends and tag along everywhere, whether you’re invited or not? Do you feel left out and lonely when you’re out with your friends? Do they make plans without asking for your opinion? Do they forget to invite you until the last minute when they’re going out?

If you pass through all that, then is time to get yourself new friends because they don't respect you and that will make you not to respect yourself.

Your friends view of you affects the way you think about yourself by 70% hence if they don't respect you, you will find it hard respecting your self.

So, let go of them if they don't respect you because no girl will ever go for a guy who has no respect for himself.

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3. Avoid habitual fidgeting:
When you are sitting down idle in any place at all whether there are girls there or not, always avoid fidgeting with your hands, shuffling your feet, moving back and forth constantly or playing with your hair. Just sit back comfortably.
Fidgeting are signs of weakness and self consciousness. Never fidget. Besides fidgeting can annoy anyone and not just girls because, it is a form of distraction. Try to be comfortable with who you are and you will master the art of staying calm and composed.

4. Use mild and pleasant voice:
No girl will ever want to be with a guy that speaks with a harsh and irritating voice not even for a minute.
You get to learn how to speak with a mild and pleasant low pitched voice and see how girls will love talking to you.

5. Be a great conversationalist:
When it comes to conversations especially first conversations, your interests don't really matters. Because everyone has their own interests, you must not share same interests with the girl.
So, you get to talk about what would interest the girl more. This is an attribute of a great conversationalist. To be a good conversationalist, you have to be aware of the world around you and stay updated on regular trends and events by so doing, you can talk about things that might interest the girl.
Lastly, try to think from her perspective and ask her few questions, put an eye on the way she responds to your questions and continue talking about things she seams interested on otherwise, forget the topic.

Bonus points:

1. Always be happy:
Being happy has to do with a positive mindset. Naturally, everyone love to be with a happy person and girls are not excluded.
You may face so many problems in life, but don't let them get to you, see them as little obstacles you have to overcome and bring the sparkle of happiness into your life, be an optimist and enjoy your life.
Your positive and happy feeling will always make girls want to be with you.

2.Be in command:
When you are with a girl, give her the impression that, she is always safe and doesn't have to worry about anything as long as she is with you.
For instance, if you are out on a date, and she mistakenly, drop her fork on the floor just be in command and help ask the waiter for another fork instead of just wondering what to do.
Make her feel, she is with a guy who can take care if her no matter what by taking positive and active decisions.

3. Never Panic:
Avoid panicking when things go wrong. Be relaxed and composed.
Don't shit in your trouser because you are a kinda late to get somewhere. Lolz. Never look at your watch constantly because you have probably run out of things to talk about on a date.
Panicking and acting nervously will not help you out. It will only make your date nervous and uncomfortable being with you. Never panic!

Like I said earlier, attracting a girl and making her like you, is so much connected to good personality. The steps above will help you get a better and great personality. And I bet you, you will see yourself turning into a regular girls magnet in no time.

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