11+ Great ways to be hot and sexy (Improve The Sexy You)

Wondering how to be hot like the images of hot people you see on social media? Take a deep breath, we have; 11+ Great ways to be hot and sexy (and Improve The Sexy You) below…

11+ Great ways to be hot and sexy (Improve The Sexy You)

11+ Great ways to be hot and sexy (Improve The Sexy You)

Everyone wanna look like Kim Kardashian huh? Am not a kinda saying she is not hot and sexy of course she is, neither am i saying that trying to look like her is a wrong idea.
Owing to what we see on social media, trying to look like her is one of the ways to be hotter than you are.

Now listen, the fact that everyone doesn't have big and plumpy asses and tits that looks like firm bags of sand doesn't mean that everyone can't be hotter than they were, besides, well structured asses and tits are never a must criteria to be hot and sexy.

No one on earth is perfect physically (i mean no one have the most perfect looks ever.) So, save yourself the stress of wondering if you will ever be hot and sexy just because you don't have a perfectly symmetrical face since, being a hotter version is hundred percent possible. Just cool down and follow the 11+ Great ways to be hot and sexy (and Improve The Sexy You) out lined below…

1. Be confident and believe you are sexy:
Being hot and sexy is not all about the physical looks because i have seen a lot of people who aren't the most attractive but they are hot as well that is simply because, they have self-confidence and believe they’re sexy, funny, and intelligent. Besides what else is being hot and sexy it is how you carry yourself and not always about your appearance.

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2. Get in control of the room you find yourself:
This is also part of being confident. Whenever you find yourself in a room or hall or a club wherever, while walking around just keep your head high, smile, and look approachable and if are not confident enough, just try to fake it until it becomes a part of you.


3. Step out of your comfort zone:
Wanna be hot and sexy? Step out your comfort zone i mean, if you are used to wearing sweatpants and baggy t-shirts or long skirts and extra large shirts then you should consider wearing tight trousers and high heels and you will be surprised how tight outfits will make you look way hotter.

4. Avoid crazy makeup:
Am not saying you shouldn't wear a large quantity of makeup if you want to. But if you are not used to it, just keep it simple and slowly test out different types of makeup. Wearing a lipstick with mascara helps to brighten your face and bring the focus to your lips.

5. Keep it simple:
Being hot is not all about appearance but rather, bringing out your features distinctly. You don't have to get chains of gold hanging off your neck just keep it simple because, when it comes to dressing up or makeup or doing your hair, less is actually more.

6. Keep an eye on your clothes size:
Of course your body size doesn't matter but your clothes size means a lot. You have to change the size of your outfits if they are too big or too small. Show off your nice curves by putting on clothes that actually fits you comfortably.

7. Do things that makes you happy:
Being happy and lively is part of being "hot." No body will approach any lady who is moody and doesn't smile or laugh. The only way you can convey happiness and laughter is by doing what makes you happy because you are actually happy. You can't fake happiness if you are actually not happy.

8. Go for workouts:
Don't get me wrong, because am not saying you should be a body builder. But going for a little workout will make you sweat and keep happy hormones circulating in your body. Although it is never a necessity to look "hot" but going for at least 30 mins walk a day isn't a bad idea.

9. Work on your hygiene:
Take some pride in the way you present yourself, if you want to be hot. You don't have to do too much just shower with some soap, wash your hair, clip your nails, shave. Hygiene is actually one of the main things people look for in another person.

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10. Clear the clutter:
How you feel inside is often represented in the space you live in. If you’re full of anxiety, maybe look at the state of your house. Is it clean? Is it chaotic? Take some time to clean up your living space, you mentally feel more refreshed. Thus, you feel happier and lighter, aka hotter.

11. Learn how to flirt:
Learning the art of flirting is essential if you want to feel hot. It is actually one thing to feel confident and someone approaches you and another thing to flirt him when he is in front of you. Laugh, touch their arm, make eye contact, and lean into them when speaking. By so doing, you will build the chemistry between you.

Bonus points:

1. Understand your best features:
Every one have features that pops out over the rest and it is your duty to find out that feature of yours. Understanding your best features is essential if you wanna be hot and feel good because it helps you to know where to work on. For instance, my smile is my best feature, so, I make sure my teeth are pearly white and always wear a glossy lipstick. Just go ahead and look at the mirror or take selfies to discover your best features.

2. Wear red:
When in doubt, wear red. You’re not going to feel hot every day. Some days, you’re going to want to just curl up in bed. But, if you have to go out, there are some tricks. Wear red. It can be a dress, shirt, or lipstick—it doesn’t matter. Men are more sexually attracted to women wearing red. So, if you need a boost, this color does the trick.

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Think about yourself and forget about celebrities. So, just give it a trial now that you have learnt how to be hot and sexy and show off the sexy you.

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