11 Life-changing Ways To Boost Your Confidence And Self Esteem

Are you ruined by the habit of backing down to appease others? Do you brutally take constructive criticism too personal? Are you afraid to contribute your opinion in conversations? Are you finding it difficult to handle genuine complements? Do you constantly compare yourself to others? No doubt, you're suffering from poor self confidence and low self esteem.

Here is a good-news, you aren't alone 'cause I've got you covered.

We all want to exhibit a high self confidence and self esteem. We all want to feel like our opinions matters, everyone wants to take constructive criticism objectively instead of personally, don't tell me you wouldn't want to dive into a conversation without a second thought instead of engaging in negative self-talks, or you wouldn't want to feel like you have many good qualities and graciously accept instead of reflecting when someone pays you a genuine compliment.

You can easily archive all that, if you know the Ways To Boost Your Confidence And Self Esteem.

But you don't have to worry much if you don't know, 'cause I've put together, 11 Life-changing Ways To Boost Your Confidence And Self Esteem. Read on to find out...

Ways to boost confidence and self esteem

At times, it can be pretty difficult to tackle or overcome a problem without actually knowing what the problem really is.

I mean, the best and the most effective way to combat a problem no matter how big or small it is, is to have a real or clear knowledge of what the problem actually is.

with that in mind, the easiest way to boost your confidence and self esteem, is to know what it really means to have a low self esteem.

What It Means To Have A Low Self Esteem.

Having a low self esteem, means to have a bad feeling about one's self often accompanied with lack of confidence.

If you're suffering from low self esteem, you'll always feel unlovable, awkward or incompetent.

A clear portrait of people with low self esteem, is that they have this delicate or fragile view of themselves that can be easily crushed by others.

For instance, if you have a low self esteem, a  simple constructive criticism about your job performance by a coworker, can make you tear up in the bathroom or you can easily wind up and yell at your friends if they criticize your choice of date.

Having a poor self esteem, is linked with a lot of problems that can negatively affect so many things in your life ranging from the way you view your career to the way you conduct your relationships.

Some of this problems include, Self hate, as it makes you hate yourself probably because of anger and frustration about who you are or as a result of inability to forgive yourself over a past mistake or mistakes.

Another big problem of low self-esteem, is that it makes one obsessed with perfection. Because, it makes one to live with constant sense of failure because of their achievements, no matter how impressive, they don't ever feel quite good enough.

Low self esteem, is most at times, linked with a poor self image or negative body image. That is to say, it can negatively affect the way you view your self, it makes one to view him/her self as unworthy, prevent one from looking after him/self and makes them to be hyper sensitive.

Of course you know that, having a low self esteem, is terrible and you also know that you need to boost your confidence and self esteem. But the question is, how you do that?

Ways To Boost Your Confidence And Self Esteem.

Struggling with self love, self acceptance, self confidence and self esteem is one of the most painful situation that makes life a living hell at times.

It's has never been easy to get over low self confidence neither is it impossible. You are not alone here as everyone gets nervous anytime so cheer up it's something you can handle.

If you are self confident or self assured, you can easily go for a job interview, ask your long time crush out or talk freely to people. This shows the great importance of being self confident and I guess you wouldn't like to be left out on that.

Additionally, it is always believed that confident people, have more tendencies to reach their life goals, take risks, make decisions on their own and have positive minds. That been said, I know you would be wondering; what are the 11 killer ways to boost confidence?

Nice question! But do know that, boosting self confidence has to do with attitude change, training your thoughts, learning how to feel differently about yourself, and dealing with those negative emotions when they pop into your head, it also requires time and efforts.  So follow the tips outlined below to change your life.

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1. Eliminate Negative Thoughts— negative thoughts such as, you are not good enough or you won't be able to do something, must be eliminated if you wish to be more confident. Because the act of negative thinking brings you down as well as your confidence. Always remember that a man is a product of his thoughts.

2. Counteract your negative thoughts with positive ones— as stated earlier, eliminating your negative thoughts is a good start but it won't be complete if you don't replace the negative thoughts, coming to your mind with positive ones. That is to say, whenever you feel like, you can't do it always say to yourself that you can perfectly do it. Although it may take a little time but will surely make you more confident.

3. Hangout with positive friends— Friends have a lot of impact on us which might be positive or negative. So try as much as you can to surround yourself with positive friends that don't downgrade or down talk you in anyway as that will go a long way in making your more confident. Also mind what you say about yourself when you are with your friends, so as not to down talk yourself because, it will affect the way they view you.

4. Find what you are good at—you have to find your talent or what you are good at and do it often. It could be singing,  dancing or anything at all that suits your soul just try to find out how you can use it help others or advance your career it will make you feel good about yourself.

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5. Learn to take compliments— always try to accept compliments positively. Simply say "Thank you" if you don't know what else to say. Never try to depreciate any compliment no matter how awkward it may seem.

6. Be lively — smiling a lot, making eye contacts and keeping your body language in check, makes you a lively person. Always try practicing being lively even if you are scared inside. If you fake being lively all the time you will eventually be the changed person you wish to be.

7. Never Compare yourself to others — comparing yourself to others will only make you feel bad about; yourself, your failures, your in abilities and so on. So, keep off from that act. Always remember that everyone has flaws, remember also that nobody is perfect, bearing this in mind will make you accept your weaknesses which will in turn build up your confidence and self esteem.

8. Take Risks — My father use to tell me that "anyone who doesn't take risk will never go far in life." So, always try to do that, which you always wanted to do but too scared of doing, take the risk, go out of your comfort zone and make it happen. It could be going for your preferred job interview, asking your crush out or anything just do it besides there is no harm in trying.

9. Be patience — patience is virtue!  Being patience is an act of being kind to yourself. For you to be more confident and a high self esteem, you have to take things easy and follow all the confidence boosting techniques. Of course, you don't expect to change your negative of thinking in a flash. So, you have to be patient.

10. Work on yourself — work on yourself try to look more attractive, have enough sleep in fact just take care of yourself as this will in turn give you a positive mindset making you more confident and having a high self esteem.

11. Be grateful — Take a moment every single day *when you first wake up is good* to think about the things you are grateful for. Reminding ourselves of the good things we have helps to put everything in perspective. It helps us start each day with hearts full of joy and in a positive frame of mind!

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These confidence and self esteem boosting tips aren't magical, mystical or complicated. In fact you could consider them totally boring, plain and inconsequential or unimportant.

But applying confidence and self esteem boosting rules is what separates confident and high esteem people from the masses, enables them to reach their life goals, take risks, make decisions on their own and have positive minds.

Look at it this way: You might have gone through a lot ranging from; backing down to appease others, taking constructive criticism too personal, being afraid to contribute your opinion in conversations, finding it hard to handle genuine complements and comparing yourself to others, all because you lack confidence and self esteem. So now, why shouldn't you live your life exactly the way you wanted to, by applying the ways to boost confidence and self esteem enlisted above?

Or are you one of those people who think they bring nothing to the table or are not as valuable as others? Well, you might be surprised by just how some little, plain tips would change your life.

Try this: Accept that we all have unique talents, stop thinking others are better than you and bear in mind that, we teach others how to treat us by projecting ourselves as people whose opinions are as valid as others.

Sure, boosting confidence and self esteem takes time

And yes, you're already sick and tired of feeling unloved, awkward and incompetent.

But your confident heroes never back down to appease others, take constructive criticism too personal or are never afraid of contributing their opinions in conversations you wish you could.

So, take a break from "I can't do it" and start working on the tips listed above right now.

Your newly built confidence and self esteem will thank you.

How do you managed to get over low self esteem? Tell us via the comments!

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